Module 1 📚

Changing the Subject of the Formula

When we are asked to change the subject this means we need to get a different letter on its own. We use similar techniques as solving equations however we will have an algebraic answer.
Estimated Working Time
⏳ 12 minutes

Lesson Checklist

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Module 2 📚

Simultaneous Equations

This video will show you how to solve questions where we have more than one equation. We need to be particularly careful with negatives as this is a common place people make mistakes!
Estimated Working Time
⏳ 12 minutes
Module 3 📚

Sequences (nth term)

In sequences we need to find the pattern and work out how we get from one term to the next. We will use this to find the general rule called the nth term.
Estimated Working Time
⏳ 12 minutes
Module 4 📚

Indice Laws

Indice laws relates to a different set of rules that we use when we are working with powers. Here we will show you how to break down each question in to smaller, easier chunks!
Estimated Working Time
⏳ 12 minutes
Module 5 📚

Factorising Quadratics (and Solving)

A quadratic is a specific type of equation and here we will practice the most common way of solving them. Negatives can be an issue so take your time to make sure you have them right.
Estimated Working Time
⏳ 12 minutes
Recap Worksheet

Let's test what you have learnt!

The following worksheet will revisit all of the skills you have practiced throughout this block. This is a good chance to see where your algebra is at and to get feedback on what may be worth recapping! Try and answer each question to the best of your ability, and if you need reminding you can watch the videos above. Good luck!